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We're A company of people with diverse backgrounds to discern problems and offer solutions

We offer consulting to all types of companies who need management input, executive training, revamped sales strategies, and healthcare cost solutions

Our Services

Turnaround specialists

Organization consulting, revamping and implementation

Healthcare cost reduction

Human resources and safety mentoring and education

Executive coaching

Manufacturing analysis and process improvement

Our Organization

Experienced and dedicated management team

Committed associates

Cooperative relationships Virtual organization that provides skill sets from diverse areas of business and geographies

A Growing, Privately-held Group With A
Long-term Mission to Build Strong Companies

• 7 year old organization with more than 75 years experience leading companies
• Hundreds of employees positively affected
• Dozen manufacturing and distribution sites
• Located in 4 states
• Revenue growth every year
• Health plans developed and adopted by municipalities

• Treat all employees with dignity and respect
• Clear, frequent, two-way communications
• Fair and competitive compensation packages which grow with the company
• Improve and Comply with all pension and benefit plans
• Safety First workplaces
• Opportunity for upward mobility
• Quality and productivity training
• Community outreach and involvement

Est. Since 2011

A growing, privately-held group with a serious, long-term mission to build strong products and companies


Employees Positively Affected


Manufacturing and Distribution Sites Improved


Projects Completed

We Are What You're Looking For

• Best practices in management, legal, and accounting methods
• Dedicated, motivated, ethical, and responsible leadership
• High quality products and services
• Satisfied, loyal customers
• Positive labor relations
• Strong supply chain management
• Clean and safe work environment
• Responsible environmental stewardship
• Progressive community interaction

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