We revitalize companies and set them
on their proper, positive trajectory.
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The Cranford Consulting Group allies with Dorset Partners for turnaround management, direct investment, debt restructuring, workout, mergers & acquisition advice.
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Who is

The Cranford Consulting Group

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Lary K. Small
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Rhonda Hollady
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  1. Larry Small
  2. Rhonda Hollady
  3. Jeff Sands
  4. Dave Sands
  5. Tim Francis
  6. Tom Manning
  7. Howard Danzig
  8. Bryan Burnick
  9. Terry Wessling
  10. Mary Wessling
  11. Ann Marks
  1. John Maynard
  2. Bill Jasper
  3. Brian Shaui
  4. Richard Nyren
  5. Jimmy Teague
  6. Jack Owens
  7. Jim Howard
  8. Geoff Schofield
  9. Paul Fiorvianti
  10. Connie Baldwin
  11. Alyssa Hollady
We bring the right person to the task

(Biographies available on request)

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  • Burlington, NC
  • Ramseur, NC
  • Canton, OH
  • Dorset, VT
  • Charleston, SC
Phone: 800.649.2007


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